The Lazy Streets Are So Undemanding

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Catatan Perjalanan / Tentang kota

Drive home from AKY alone. Spend few hours browsing there. Pak Lan told me to lock the door because there’s no one around in AKY tonight. I drive westward through North Ring Road. The North Ring Road is as quiet as an abandoned circuit. I try to ignore the idea of writing something on abandoned circuit. I want to get something in a Warung Burjo at Jl. Monjali, near my place.

A cup of hot tea and a bowl of Burjo….and the empty – lazy streets. I continue to finish my snack, lazily.

The lazy streets of North Ring Road and Jl. Monjali are so undemanding, I decided to recollect some memories from the prior day.

02:30. October 3, 2005
After a bowl of Burjo and nice night bicycling with Guti
Had a very strange dream; drove to a remote beach with some folks in a jeep. I wore black vest, kind of bulletproof vest. As I got there, I found out that I’m with Mbak Fitri and Astrid. They were preparing their move to that remote beach. Mbak Fitri wondered how can she live there, Astrid too.

Woke up because someone phoned me. As I tried 2 recollect my dream, I had a such creepy thought; I remember the painting in Mas Agam’s place. I write it down here because I don’t want to try to forget it.

02:30. October 2, 2005
I suddenly miss the morning I saw in the main streets of Surabaya, especially in the bank of Kalimas river. The light was so nice and warm. If you stand in the Gubeng Viaduct, you can see a very well-lighted horizon.

That was the streets and the mornings I used to see back in high school, when I rode there around 6.30 along with Dirun.

Life is so beautiful. I’m really grateful to live this life. But I demand more beauty tonight. Writing block is such an asshole.

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